Punjabi romantic song “Chori Chori” is making listeners fall in love all over again


New Delhi (India), June 18:  Get ready to fall in love with the sweet melodies of “Chori Chori”, a beautiful Punjabi romantic song that will steal your heart. Released by Eye Media Network India, the enchanting track has quickly become a sensation, captivating listeners with its peppy beats and heartfelt lyrics.

“Chori Chori” beautifully captures the essence of love and wooing, blending energetic punchy drums, electrifying guitars, and groovy bass lines. The song is destined to get audiences on their feet and grooving along to its infectious rhythm.

Directed by the talented Joel Smith, the music video features the stunning Hritu Dudani Smith alongside Prateek Jain, creating a visual feast that complements the song’s enchanting melodies. The video was shot entirely in Punjab, preserving the authentic charm and vibrancy of Punjabi culture.

Sharing his journey about creating this masterpiece, Director Joel Smith, said, “To be very honest, this song was my all-time favourite. I just happened to meet Yash Wadali, the original singer and told him about my love for the song. On the spot, I decided to make its remix, and Yash readily agreed to it. It was an on-the-spur decision.”

“I didn’t have to work that hard for this album, as it automatically found its way. Once the remix was created, I instantly got the producers Umanng Mathur and Jay Pandya on board, along with my lead actors Hritu and Prateek Jain. Since it is a Punjabi song, we shot the entire album in Punjab to maintain its charm,” he added.

Popular playback artist Yash Wadali has lent his voice to the song and also composed the music. The lyrics have been penned by Raman Jangwal.

“Chori Chori” is now available on YouTube and all major music streaming platforms. Don’t miss out on this beautiful Punjabi romantic song that has listeners saying “wow” and falling in love all over again.

Watch the song: https://youtu.be/r43NMQxMs3s?si=nTOooe8uUt3SQ64a