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The needs of every woman are unique, just like she is!

October 29: There is a great deal of emphasis placed on external appearance in society. Since our face and hair receive the most attention, feminine hygiene is seldom discussed and often overlooked.

Infection, dryness, and itching often haunt women due to lack of proper intimate hygiene. 

Vaginal health is one of the crucial elements that contribute to the overall health and well-being of a woman. The capacity to have an orgasm, desire for sex, and fertility can all be impacted by vaginal issues. Consistent vaginal health problems can also lead to stress, interpersonal conflict, and confidence concerns.

Identifying the warning signs and symptoms of vaginal issues gives you a heads-up and will allow you to take positive steps to maintain your vaginal health. However, most women frequently do not comprehend the distinction between the vagina and the vulva.

The vagina is the internal portion of the female genitals. The vulva refers to the external portion, which includes structures such as the clitoris, the labia majora , labia minora, and the vaginal opening.

Did you know that your vagina is self-cleansing? 

From puberty, when oestrogen kicks in, the vagina becomes colonised with healthy bacteria from the Lactobacillus group which produce lactic acid. The lactic acid creates an acidic pH which ranging from 3.5 to 4.5, this acidity protects the vagina from bacterial invasion.

The mucociliary clearance in the vagina allows it to self-clean; therefore, it is not necessary to wash the interior.  

However, it’s important to wash your vulva (the outer part of your genitals) to help prevent infections and irritation in the vagina.

How often should you wash your vulva?

In order to avoid vulval infections, dryness, and itching, it is advisable to clean the intimate area regularly.

Washing your vulva with harsh soaps or douches can throw the vaginal pH out of balance increasing the risk of infections and unpleasant odor. To counteract this, a group doctors created Senziwash – a premium intimate wash to safeguard vaginal health.

Senziwash provides a pH-balanced composition rich in organic ingredients that cleans your vagina without disrupting the pH equilibrium. Senziwash Feminine Intimate Wash is formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera and sea buckthorn to soothe and nourish the intimate area.  

It has a revitalizing grapefruit odor for enduring freshness.

Why should you choose Senziwash over other brands? 

Senziwash has low surfactant content, contains 1.2% lactic acid, is enriched with natural moisturizers like aloe vera and sea buckthorn, and has no harsh chemicals. This gentle intimate wash restores harmony in your vagina.

By providing quality-driven, precisely scientific, and naturally balanced intimate hygiene products, Senziwash is on a mission to increase awareness about intimate hygiene among people of all genders and have a beneficial influence on their lives. Senziwash is a low-surfactant product that offers a soft, clean intimate area. A must-have for a healthy vagina!

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