Kiosk Kaffee Establishes As A Billion Dollar Company In The Age Of Social Media: Founders Lens


It sells everything you could enjoy from coffee, shakes to yummy mojitos at affordable prices aka not burning the hole in your pockets.

New Delhi (India), October 21: As per 2023 reports, Kiosk Kaffee is the most valuable company in the coffee industry in India with 50+ outlets in just 3 years nationwide. Records have established 3x growth rate along with closing 10 crores revenue annually in the coffee industry nationwide.

So how did it get there? A Lens through founders journey of Kiosk Kaffee

Kiosk Kaffee’s success originated from one simple insight from its founders: Savan Oswal, Sangram Patil and Nilesh P. 

By providing top-notch coffee of an international standard at affordable prices, the founders of Kiosk Kaffee have revolutionised India’s coffee scene in a remarkable story of dedication and innovation. 

 These three inspirational founders have not only spotted their niche in the market but have also strategically placed their cafes near hostels and PG areas, resulting in a five-fold rise in footfall.

The impact of Kiosk Kaffee has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their entry into the coffee industry led to the closure of other businesses as they quickly rose to popularity. Today, their Instagram page is on fire with posts from satisfied customers, especially among the youth, who go to their 50 outlets across the country.

What started as a local endeavour has now become a nationwide sensation, with Kiosk Kaffee having a presence in every city and state in India. Their goals, however, do not end here. The company’s founders have set their sights on the world stage and intend to take their business to well-known international markets in Europe and Asia.

The success of Kiosk Kaffee can be attributed to the founders’ unwavering commitment to quality. They spent a lot of time on research and development, choosing their raw material suppliers by hand and locating top-notch coffee equipment that was rarely available on a small scale in India. Their foresight and commitment have paid off in a big way.

These three college friends turned founders have defied all odds and expectations. At a time when many businesses were closing their doors due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiosk Kaffee emerged as a shining example of endurance and advancement.  Their journey from humble beginnings to international success is a testament to their vision and determination, and there seems to be no stopping them on their path to global recognition.

They haven’t looked back, making millions from online advertising and embracing some of the most challenging new ideas in the world of food and coffee.

Successful Branding Of Kiosk Kaffee In The Age Of Social Media

One of the ways Kiosk Kaffee stands out on social media is through its trendy coffee reels. 

The reels show Kiosk Kaffee’s talented baristas making lovely coffee works of art, sipping up creamy lattes, and pulling perfect espresso shots. These captivating videos showcase the brand’s expertise while also providing coffee lovers with energy.

But Kiosk Kaffee doesn’t stop at reels. They’ve started a number of viral campaigns over the span of the year that have entertained and engaged their fans. For instance, they’ve created reels where baristas take on unique coffee challenges, like creating delicate latte art designs or attempting brave coffee flips. These campaigns encourage customers to experiment with their coffee at home.

The founders of Kiosk Kaffee have an eye for real-life concepts related to coffee. They’ve used their creativity to connect with their audience on a personal level. 

In the world of coffee, Kiosk Kaffee has proven that a blend of great coffee and creative social media branding can lead to a recipe for success. There’s no doubt that Kiosk Kaffee will continue to delight its customers both in-store and online with the founders’ creative minds in charge.

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